Learning from the best.

It’s no secret there’s a labor shortage of material handling technicians. Addressing that scarcity is essential to DCI and our industry.

In response to this need, DCI has invested in a new state-of-the-art training center located in Memphis TN. The center provides the necessary environment and space to conduct comprehensive hands-on training. The ability to do practical simulations in our facility allows DCI to cultivate expertise and prepare our graduates to deliver value on day one.

Training the future generation of conveyor experts is pivotal for ensuring seamless operations in industries relying on material handling systems. Our students undergo a comprehensive program focused on safety and compliance, mechanical, electrical, controls, signaling and equipment spotting, rigging and lifting, forklift / telehandler / mobile elevated work platform operations, equipment assembly and disassembly, inspection, hazard identification, job planning, customer relationships, risk management, character, and life skills.
We lean on both the OEM as well as tenured industry professionals with thousands of hours of real-world experience to ensure a more complete education and exposure. Classroom, field, online, and post graduate mentorship empower our graduates to make informed decisions while fostering a collaborative partnership with customers. Together, these initiatives cultivate a knowledgeable workforce, propelling the conveyor industry towards innovation and efficiency in the ever-evolving landscape of automation.